The Barn Shed

Add a charming feature in your yard with one of our barn style sheds.
Every barn style shed has a loft.  Lofts are 4’ increments and must have 4’ increments front to get in.

The Details:

  • No windows are included in the price.
  • 1’ overhang
  • Double door 6’W x 6’3” H
  • Dutch door only if animals are going to be in there.  $100 extra.  Can make door look like Dutch if wanted – But will not open splitting in the middle.
  • Headroom is 6’4”
  • Extra head room is available at 5% of the base price of the barn, with a maximum of 7’4”
  • Gable top barn sash window on top $160 (higher price due to difficulty of install in that location)
  • 12’ wide – no 22”x29” window on top gable.  Must be at least 2 put together or a 3’x3’ vinyl sider window.
  • Top loft door is an additional $200
  • Barns must include loft, no exceptions